Medicine is an Art

Founder and medical director Dr. Desai is distinguished by his unique combination of artistic vision, charisma, and medical expertise. 

The Buffalo Aesthetics team is cultivated on combining art and anatomy, so that you can determine the best way to invest in yourself. 

Aesthetics is one of a kind art. You provide the canvas, we offer insight, so that our personalized creation is an investment in you that stands the test of time. 

– Dr.Desai


Our Mission

At Buffalo Aesthetics we strive to provide affordable high-quality care, combined with advanced non-surgical cosmetic services.



The Evolution of Traditional Medicine.

Growing up in Toronto, I was influenced by multicultural art and design. I thought I would grow-up to be an architect, instead I chose medicine.

As my medical career advanced, cosmetic medicine peaked my interest. It offered a unique blend of medicine, pharmacology, and design directed towards preventative non-surgical solutions. 

Now with Buffalo Aesthetics, I have been reconnected with my first love for artistic expression combined with medicine. 

Your first contact at Buffalo Aesthetics is Ashley Cleary. She provides an honest female perspective, compassion, and a calming voice throughout your customer journey. My job is your results, her job is everything else!  

Together, our team is committed to provide an exceptional experience, personalized service, with optimal results.


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