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At BHTC we service WNY, Buffalo, Rochester, and surrounding towns. Our offices are located in Lancaster and East Amherst, NY. We specialize in hair loss solutions utilizing cutting edge medications, PRP therapy, and the industry leading Neograft FUE device for hair restoration/transplant.

  • Hair loss can effect your confidence and self-esteem.
  • You can loose 50-100 Hair/day
  • Hair lose can be temporary but commonly permanent.
  • Male pattern baldness is a permanent form of hair loss, resulting in thinning hair to the point of loss and no regrowth.
  • Options for hair loss prevention include:
    • Finestride, Rogaine, and PRP
    • Strip Method (FUT)
    • Follicular Unit Extration (FUE)
  • FUE using the Neograft has proven to be most successful for hair transplant
  • The Average client will require 1000-3000 grafts.
  • A normal day will last 4-8 hours during the procedure.
  • FUE hair transplant removes individual hairs from the back of the scalp and transplants them to areas of concern.
  • The removed follicles are placed one by one back into the scalp.
  • A hair transplant will address growth pattern, surrounding hair quality, and hairline for ideal aesthetic appeal.
  • The FUE method is popular because stripes of scalp are NOT removed and no visible scar is seen.
  • Transplanted hair is resistant to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the hormones responsible for hair loss.
  • New hair growth occurs in 4-6 months
  • Neograft is the leader in hair loss solutions for those suffering from balding. It is natural, utilizing your OWN HAIR.
  • NO scalpel incisions are performed, and the restoration is performed under local anesthesia.
  • The NeoGraft Hair Transplant solution is the least invasive, allowing you to return to your normal routine within days.
  • NeoGraft is an automated transplant system, that sucks out hair follicles from the scalp, reducing hair damage and skin damage.
  • After the healing period, no signs of the procedure will be seen.
  • Expect new hair growth will occur in 4-6 months from date of transplant.

ALOPECIA is a term that describes hair loss and a reduction in new hair growth.

Causes include:

Genetics – Androgenetic Alopecia | Male pattern baldness

  • Hair loss can start as early as your teens
  • Affects both men and women.
  • In women, thinning hair is more predominant
  • In men, receding hair or a horseshoe pattern is predominant

Malnutrition and Extreme dieting

  • This cause is usually temporary and less common
  • The body lacks proper proteins and nutrients required for hair growth and development


  • Hair follicles similar age like the rest of your body.
  • Hair aging, reduces thickness and integrity becoming thin, and with eventual hair loss.
  • Expected in a majority of the population by age 60.

Physical and Emotional Stress

  • Stress can take on several forms such as illness, injury, pregnancy, hormonal changes, psycho-social causes, etc.

Health Conditions

  • Common conditions include, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease, iron deficiency, malabsorption syndromes, autoimmune causes such as lupus, fungal infections, etc
  • Pregnancy can result in temporary hair loss
  • Menopause with hormonal changes can be more permanent hair loss
  • Routine blood testing by your physician can help determine some of these causes.


  • Medication side effects can be involved in hair loss.
  • Common medications include, immunosuppressive agents and chemotherapy used for cancers.
  • Meds for birth control, steroids, diabetes, and high blood pressure can cause hair loss.





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