Buffalo Aesthetics is a luxurious medical spa specializing in non-invasive cosmetic treatments. We combine medical expertise, artistic insight, and cosmetic skills to help patients achieve their desired goals.

Aesthetics : The MEDSPA EXPERTS

Buffalo Aesthetics is a premier, non-invasive cosmetic medical spa led by a talented team of healthcare professionals. Our cutting-edge tools allow us to curate personalized treatment plans for your needs. We uphold the highest standards of medical ethics to ensure safe and consistent results.

Vision +

VISION: Empower people to feel self-confident in their skin.

MISSION: To educate people on the health benefits of non-invasive cosmetic medicine.

VALUES: Accessibility, transparent pricing, and exceptional customer service.

Aesthetics ART + medical ANATOMY

We strive to combine art, aesthetics, and anatomy to help you express your inner confidence. Our team of licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and estheticians have keen cosmetic instincts. With our cutting-edge technologies, skilled techniques, and keen cosmetic eye, we deliver consistent results.



Jenn Brien, PA

MD Lead Comsetic Injector

Rosanna Pfeifer, NP

Cosmetic Injector

Kyle Brown, NP

Cosmetic Injector

Christie Terwilliger, RN

Cosmetic Injector


Trisha Tower, LE


Nikkii Kwiatkowski, LE


Bobbi Walls, LE


Savannah Harris, LE


Customer Care Team

Aaron Buker

Client Concierge

Leah Cutler

Client Concierge

Samantha Nawrocki

Client Concierge

Brianna Ronan

Client Concierge


Dr. Desai

Chief Medical Operator

Ashley Knox

Chief of Operations

Lauren Persico

General Manager

Mia Fournier

Assistant Manager

Erika Luksch

Assistant Manager

Emma Dickinson

Marketing Coordinator

The Evolution of Cosmetic Medicine

Our perception of beauty is forged by what is around us. We are a melting pot of race, cultures, and communities that have influenced our aesthetic eye. Global trends have shown preferences for non-surgical aesthetic solutions with minimal downtime and no pain. Social media and influencers have sparked an interest in aesthetic medicine amongst everyone, from zoomers and millennials to boomers. And gender biases are now non-existent because men also want to feel and look good about themselves.

With that in mind, Buffalo Aesthetics recognizes the evolution in cosmetic medicine. We will provide industry-leading solutions for superior results, integrate technology to improve customer experience and provide services for all races, ages, and gender demographics. Our overarching goal is to help you feel confident about yourself and love what you see in the mirror in accordance with your individual idea of beauty. That is our undying mission and promise.

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