What is VISIA Facial Assessment?

VISIA facial assessment is an integral part of the comprehensive skincare evaluation at our medical spa. We use the cutting-edge VISIA skin analysis system to curate personalized treatment plans that address your specific skin concerns. The device smoothly rotates around your face to capture 3D images of your skin, provide automatic skin type classification, and identify your unique skin concerns and conditions. After identifying your unique skin type and conditions, we can curate personalized treatment plans and “test” their potential results virtually.

VISIA Identifies:

  • Brown spots, red spots, and other pigmentation problems
  • Brown spots and skin discoloration
  • Fine lines, facial wrinkles, and facial creases
  • Skin laxity and sagging skin caused by the loss of elasticity
  • Textural irregularities, such as raised and depressed areas
  • Enlarged, congested, or oily pores
  • Sun damage, sunspots, and UV spots
  • Concentrated red areas, vascular lesions, and inflammation
  • Bacterial secretions inside congested pores

How it Works

The VISIA skin analysis system moves around your face to capture 3D images of your skin. The device uses cross-polarized and UV lighting to capture your skin conditions, and RBX technology is used to identify regions with different pigmentation problems, such as brown spots, red spots, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and other problems. Using a wide range of technological capabilities, the VISIA system produces a comprehensive assessment of your skin type and conditions.

The VISIA skin analysis system also includes an inbuilt library of skincare products and treatments that can be “tested” on your virtual skin. Our cosmetic providers discuss your goals, medical history, and concerns to recommend the ideal treatment plans, such as neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and skin rejuvenation procedures. The chosen treatment plan can be tested virtually, producing a virtual prediction of the expected results. You can also track the treatment progress at home.

Why Buffalo Aesthetics?

Buffalo Aesthetics is a luxurious, state-of-the-art medical spa led by a talented team of physicians and cosmetic providers. We use the VISIA skin analysis system to curate personalized cosmetic treatment plans according to your unique skin type, conditions, and overall goals. Furthermore, we can provide a visual prediction of the results, so you can gauge the possible results before proceeding with treatment. Please schedule an appointment for your facial assessment in the Buffalo area.

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