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Dermal Filler at Buffalo Aesthetics: Dermal Filler Questions

Juvederm, Restalyne, HA, and Non-HA fillers are various types of dermal fillers that offer a variety of options, and just as much confusion to the average buyer. Some common Q&A’s that may help guide you in your future decision making regarding dermal fillers. 

What is a filler?

A filler is collagen material made up of synthetic and natural substances.

What is permanent vs non-permanent filler?

Dependent on the type of dermal filler used, the effects of certain fillers can last longer than others ranging from 4 months to 2 years.

Where can I use fillers?

Cheek augmentation, tear troughs, lip enhancement, nasolabial lines, frown lines, deep wrinkles, fine lines.

Should I use half a vial, and save the rest?

No. An open vial can expire. Also, it dramatically limits the ability of your MD from providing ideal results when limited to an amount they must administer.

Can I share a vial?

No. Not only is it not hygienic with potential blood-to-blood transmission, but it dramatically limits the ability of your MD from providing ideal results when limited to a specific amount they must administer.

Filler Side effects?

  • Pain – dependent on each person’s pain threshold, but it is minimal. Pain medication options are available.
  • Swelling/bruising – dependent on the location of filler, vasculature, history of bruising, and amount of filler applied. Bruising reduction options are available.
  • Lumps – dependent on filler. Permanent fillers have greater propensity to cause lumps. Also, each person’s immune system reacts differently which may result in lumps.
  • Allergic Reactions – Rare occurrence. Can Happen on any part of the body. Can results from hours to days after original filler placement.

Why doesn’t my filler look like it did when I first got it?

Your initial results are a product of filler and swelling. After 48 hours, once your swelling subsides, you may lose up to 20% of your volume. Also, some areas are prone to “eating up” more filler than expected, where touch-ups may be warranted. Be aware that everyones results vary regardless of the type of filler used. 

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Botox at Buffalo Aesthetics: How to prepare for your Botox or Filler treatment

When preparing for your visit at Buffalo Aesthetics, our staff are very particular about educating clients about pre-treatment protocols. When preparing for your service day for neurotoxins and fillers, our providers take time to educate clients about the nuances of their first visit.

Both Botox and filler treatment sessions require our patients to be diligent about pre-visit care. When addressing a pre-treatment plan, for optimal service we encourage our clients to:

  1. Cleanse your face with a non-scented non-abrasive cleanser.
  2. Hydrate well before any procedure
  3. Avoid alcohol use 48 hours prior to procedure
  4. Avoid NSAIDs, Motrin, Ibuprofen 48 hours pre-procedure.
  5. Wear minimal to no makeup
  6. Presents with images of your desired look
  7. Know your medications
  8. If you’ve had filler or Botox in the past, know your product and quantity used.

Preparing for your treatment day is as important as after treatment care. To make sure your service day occurs efficiently with minimal concern, prepare in advance, and be diligent about your skincare protocol.

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