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Eight ways to maintain a youthful appearance with Buffalo Aesthetics

By February 26, 2019May 2nd, 2022No Comments
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  1. Get plenty of rest!
  2.  Apply a Vitamin A Serum in the morning and at night to replenish the depletion of these essential nutrient to the skin. Vitamin A normalizes the skin functions and factors like sun and free radicals constantly damage healthy cells.
  3. Get regular facials! Not only does this reduce stress, but medical grade facial also improve skins tone and texture- reducing the appearance of fine lines.
  4. Apply Vitamin C & E Serum in the morning and at night. Similar to Vitamin A- Vitamins C & E are essential to aging skin. C & E brighten visible and underlying pigmentation.
  5. Apply a Mineral SPF! Mineral SPF’s are a physical shield from the sun and its harmful effects on healthy tissue. Mineral SPF can be applied in a cream or powder form- making it easy to apply as part of your moisturizing step OR as a makeup!
  6. Choose Products without Chemical Preservatives. Choosing an effective skincare line can be tough! Environ Skincare delivers high, active ingredients into the skin without fragrances, chemicals or preservatives!
  7. Drink Plenty of Water. Drinking water pre and post facial helps to detoxify the skin and clear out harmful toxins.
  8. Apply Antioxidants! Antioxidants neutralize free radical damage, pollutants and harmful sun rays. Applying this in the morning is crucial to skin health throughout the day.