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Whats the deal with Hyperpigementation?

By March 11, 2019May 2nd, 2022No Comments
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With any type of sun exposure we see a ton of hyperpigmentation not only on the face, but the neck, chest and hands as well!
Hyperpigmenation or “brown spots” are typically a result of old sun damage from past years making its way to the surface of the skin, however some brown spots can also be from hormonal fluctuations stemming from past pregnancies or birth controls. Hyperpigmentation can also be a scar from old break outs as well.

Luckily, there are very effective treatments to safely lighten and reduce hyperpigmentation!

Simple steps include SPF, skin protection, and routine moisturization and maintenance of your skin.

At home skincare is extremely crucial in reducing not only existing hyperpigmentation, but also what has not risen to the surface of the skin quite yet! Vitamins A,C, and E help to even skin tone and inhibit the over production of melanin which creates future hyperpigmentation as well.
In office services can range, from an array of skin peels to lasers services. In particular an IPL photoofacial is a great, non invasive, pain free, and fast way to reduce visible brown spots on the skin. A flash of light is delivered to the skin and is absorbed by the brown spots. From there the brown spots begin to naturally exfoliate off, reducing the visible color. A series of 3 IPL sessions is always recommended to effectively reduce all visible hyperpigmentation.

Our Aestheticians at Buffalo Aesthetics provide a skin assessment to ensure the most effective at home skincare treatment to aid in the prevention and reducing of hyperpigmentation.