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Most Common Reasons Botox/Dysport Injections May Not Be Lasting for You

By August 15, 2022March 18th, 2024No Comments

1. Individual Anatomy

-Everyone has unique facial anatomy, including facial musculature. The longevity of Botox/Dysport treatment is largely impacted by muscle strength and thickness. This is why men often require higher dosing than women (i.e. men’s facial muscles are generally stronger and thicker). Thicker and stronger muscles generally translate to deeper and coarser appearing wrinkles. Deeper, coarser wrinkles would require a higher dose than thinner, softer appearing wrinkles to reach an optimal outcome.

2. Insufficient Dosing

-Given that everyone has unique facial anatomy and musculature, dosing for Dysport and Botox injections are individualized. Often, if your treatment is not lasting you the expected three to four months, you may simply need a higher dose for optimal treatment outcomes.

3. Rapid Metabolism of Products

– Just as facial anatomy and musculature vary from one person to the next, the rate at which individuals metabolize neurotoxins (i.e. Botox & Dysport) does too. For example, individuals who are naturally thin and have had a rapid metabolism may be more prone to the rapid metabolism of Botox and Dysport products.

4. Activity Level

-Individuals who partake in regular or intense exercise sessions, especially ones that result in a lot of sweating and a consistent increase in heart rate, often have reduced longevity with neurotoxin treatment. For example, someone who consistently exercises by running long distances may not get as much longevity out of their treatment as someone who does not regularly partake in cardiovascular exercises. In this case, you may need to be seen by your injector more frequently for touch-ups.

5. Treatment Area

-There are certain facial muscles that cannot be injected with a dose high enough to last the expected 3-4 months due to adverse effects that could result from overtreatment. For example, when performing a lip flip, a conservative dose must be used to avoid the bothersome side effects that can result when the muscle is too relaxed (ex. difficulty pronouncing words that start with a “P” and “B”). Consequently, results in this area often last only 6-8 weeks and require more frequent touch-ups to maintain optimal cosmetic outcomes.

6. Lifestyle Changes

– Major lifestyle changes may contribute to Dysport and Botox injections not lasting their expected length of time (i.e. 3-4 months). An example of this would be changing your exercise routine and dietary intake to aid in weight loss.

7. The Skill and Accuracy of the Injector

-At Buffalo Aesthetics, all our injectors are highly skilled and trained healthcare professionals. Beyond the academic and clinical training required for licensing, our injectors receive additional advanced training to ensure that our clients receive the best possible treatment. It is imperative that a skilled and accurate injector who has the proper qualifications perform neurotoxin injections to reach your aesthetic goals.

8. Illness and Stress

– Someone who is ill or whose body is under prolonged stress may experience less longevity with their treatments. Also, certain medications (ex. antibiotic therapy) may shorten the length of treatment. It is imperative to share your health history and any medications you may be taking with your injector to ensure the best treatment outcome.

9. Antibody Development (very rare)

-Though very rare, it is theorized that some individuals naturally launch an immune response against neurotoxins that results in the development of antibodies that recognize the neurotoxins as a foreign substance. In this case, the body rapidly metabolizes the products, which can result in reduced longevity of treatment or no response to treatment at all.

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