To assist our patients in making informed decisions, at Buffalo Aesthetics, we education our client with alternative options, expected results, and supportive literature. We apply the same approach with PRP so that our clients are making informed decisions. Below are most common PRP question encounter by our staff.

What is PRP?
PRP is plasma that contains a higher concentration of platelets (generally 6-8 x baseline).

Why is PRP important?
PRP stimulates growth factors, stem cells, and cytokines that are integral to tissue growth and repair.

Is all PRP the same?
No, all PRP is not the same. The goal is to obtain a high concentration of undamaged PRP. Pure PRP is dependent on your blood draw technique, centrifuge, and number of spins that provides the highest yield of concentrated platelets. Having higher concentrations of platelets reduces the number of PRP injection sessions.

PRP applied as a serum the same as injected into the skin?
No. Although applying a serum to the skin will moisturize your skin, one of the functions of the outer layer (epidermis) is to protect your skin. For PRP to work, it requires getting through the epidermal layer (protective layer) and down into where PRP can interact with growth factors without platelet breakdown.

Why is the swelling worse post treatment?
The body’s response to PRP is to initiate the wound healing cascade. Part of the wound healing cascade involves growth factors, enzymes, and interleukins that are responsible for swelling and an inflammatory reaction necessary for the development of new and healthy tissue. It is the same process of healing the body goes through with cuts and injuries on the body heal over.

Why is the serum not red?
PRP when obtained in an ideal fashion should be clear. When 1 drop of red blood cell enters the solution, the color is stained to a pinkish hue.

Is the procedure painful?
Patients encounter minimal to moderate discomfort. All attempts at reducing pain are taken with ice application, topical numbing creams, and local nerve blocks. Dependent on the location of PRP administration, pain symptoms will vary.

Can I have a reaction from PRP?
No. Since PRP is a by-product of your own blood re-administered into your body, it is unlikely for you to develop a reaction from use.

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