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Understanding Various Lip Filler Techniques

By July 12, 2022No Comments

What Is Lip Filler?
Trained healthcare professionals can use various techniques to augment (i.e. make larger) the lips using hyaluronic based dermal filler. In simple terms, hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that our body creates, which diminishes as we age. By using these fillers, the lips can be reshaped and volumized to replace volume loss in the lips that occurs with the natural aging process.

What Are the Most Common Techniques that are Used to Augment the Lips?
At Buffalo Aesthetics, the two most common techniques that are used to augment the lips are cannula technique and direct injections.

What Is Cannula Technique?
With cannula technique, two small portal holes are created near the corner of the mouth. When augmenting the lips with this technique, a blunt tip cannula is passed through the portal hole and into the red space of the lip. As the cannula is withdrawn from the lip, filler is slowly laid in strips to provide volume in the lips.

What Are the Advantages of Cannula Technique?
There is generally less pain and discomfort.
Bruising and swelling of the lips post-injection is usually less.
Cannulas reduce the risk of piercing or occluding a blood vessel.

What Are Direct Injections?
When the lips are augmented using direct injection, a sharp needle is used to direct the placement of filler into the lips.

What Are the Advantages of Direct Injections?
It allows for more precise placement of filler.
It is easier to reshape the lips using this method.

What Are the Disadvantages of Direct Injections?
Increased risk for bruising and swelling.
Increased risk for occlusion of a blood vessel (*this risk is very, very low*)
More discomfort than cannula method.

How Do I Know if Cannula Technique or Direct Injections Are the Best Method for Me to Fill My Lips?
Depending on your unique anatomy and goals you wish to accomplish will help your injector determine which lip filler technique will best suit your needs. The techniques can be used independently or in combination to achieve desired results.

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