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Lip Filler

Lip Flip vs. Lip Filler

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Lip Flip vs. Lip Filler | Buffalo Aesthetics

Cosmetic lip enhancement treatments vary depending on your desired outcome. The two most popular treatments at Buffalo Aesthetics include lip filler and a lip flip. When deciding which treatment is best for you, it is beneficial to weigh both options in terms such as outcome, cost, longevity, and expectations.

Lip filler is used to achieve a fuller lip or to change the overall shape of the lip. With filler, Hyaluronic acid is injected into the lips. Hyaluronic acid is a product produced naturally in the body. Lip fillers commonly used at Buffalo Aesthetics include Restylane Define or Juvederm Ultra. A lip flip involves injecting a neurotoxin, such as Dysport or Botox. These injections work to relax the muscle of the upper portion of the lip and help expose more of the body or pink potion of the lips.

Both a lip flip and lip filler work to enhance the overall appearance of the lips however it is important to weigh both options before deciding on the right choice for you. Lip filler works to physically fill the lips, which will create more volume. Lip filler can also be used to enhance the shape of the lips. With filler, the injector has control as to how much filler is inserted and can help create an ideal lip shape for each client. A lip flip will enhance the natural shape of lips, only exposing a bit more of the pink portion of the upper lip. Overall, the lip will remain relatively the same. A lip flip is a great option for someone who wants a very subtle enhancement.

The price for one vial of filler starts at $649. Typically one vial is recommended for lip treatment. A half vial is also an option, at $425. A half vial is typically used for a touch-up treatment.

At Buffalo Aesthetics, a lip flip alone costs $199. If you were to add on a lip flip to your Botox/Dysport treatment, such as treating the forehead, crow’s feet, or Glabella (11’s), the lip flip would be an additional $80.

Treatment longevity
Lip filler can typically last anywhere from six months to a year. The body will naturally break down Hyaluronic acid, the speed at which this process occurs is very independent to each client. A lip flip typically lasts for about 2 months. Because the muscle around the mouth is used so often, the effect of the neurotoxins is decreased more rapidly than in other areas of the face.

Lip filler does require a little downtime. Swelling and bruising are very common with filler. This can typically be for a few days. Numbing is used to decrease the pain, however, the procedure can be moderately painful as the area is so sensitive.

A lip flip requires no downtime. The procedure could take place during a lunch break, and you could return to work. A lip flip does work to relax the muscle around the mouth, which can create a few side effects. Once this muscle is slightly paralyzed, it can be difficult to pronounce “P” or “B” sounds because the muscle cannot close as tightly as it is used to. Usually, only the client notices this change in pronunciation. Also, things that require the mouth to close very tightly can feel a little strange, such as drinking out of a straw or smoking a cigarette. Lip flip injections can be mildly painful as the lips are very tender, however, the pain is not long lasting, the procedure is quick (less than 5 minutes), and rarely a bruise is created.

If you are unsure about which procedure is best for you, you can always speak to one of the injectors at Buffalo Aesthetics. A consultation is a great opportunity to voice your concerns and weigh the options for each treatment. We look forward to helping you find the best option for you!

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