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What is Dermaplaning?

By March 11, 2019May 2nd, 2022No Comments
woman getting dermaplaning

What is dermaplaning?
A physical exfoliation with a blade to gentle lift dead skin and fine “peach fuzz” vellus hairs off of the face. Exfoliation of dead skin cells improves product penetration.

What do I need to do before dermaplaning?
Nothing preparation wise needs to be done prior to receiving treatment. To ensure you can receive the most effective treatment, wait 2-4 weeks post chemical peel or waxing.

What do I need to do after dermaplaning?
There are no restrictions after treatments. Clients are able to wear makeup, work out, sweat ect. Keeping the skin fully hydrated with topical skin care and sufficient water intake will prolong your benefits.

What does dermaplaning feel like?
The treatment its self feels like a tickling sensation when gliding over the skin.

What will my skin look like after Dermaplaning?
Immediately after treatment your skin will be glowing, free of “peach fuzz” vellus hairs, and mildly pink.

Who can have Dermaplaning?
All skin types are candidates for Dermaplaning. Areas with active acne will be avoided.

How long will results last?
Smoother skin texture and removal of vellus hairs can last up to 4 weeks.