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Why skincare routines matter | Buffalo Aesthetics

By September 9, 2019May 2nd, 2022No Comments
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Why a Skin Care Routine Really Matters | Buffalo Aesthetics

Think to yourself, how much do you spend at the spa on facials, Botox or filler? Too much to not be maintaining your skincare at home. All that hard-earned money is being thrown out the window if you don’t worry about your skin after you walk out of the Medi spa. Why you ask? Your skin is not constantly renewing itself, your skin gets lazy, and this is why we need to trigger your skins turnover using cleansers, toners and exfoliation. If you think your skin is in perfect condition today, and tomorrow you have dry patchy skin or break outs, it could be because your skin is imbalanced due to its lack of maintenance.

Your skin is your largest organ, just like the rest of your organs it needs to be cared for, and why would you not want to do everything you can to ensure that you look and FEEL as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. If you want to have glowing, healthy skin 10 years down he road, the choices you make for you skin today will ensure that happens.  If you’ve never had a skincare routine, don’t worry! It’s not too late! Maintaining that beautiful healthy skin you just jumpstarted with your Physician or Aesthetician.

Starting will be the hardest part, forming that habit to remember to wash your face when you wake up and getting up to take your makeup off when you’ve had a long hard day will feel tedious at first. I’ll admit it; sometimes I forget to wash my face before bed, or I just don’t “feel” like taking off my make up before bed. The pimple I have in the morning reminds me that I should have just taken the 5 minutes to take care of my skin.

Prevention is key, the same reason we put sunscreen on before we go out into the sun; it’s easier to prevent a problem from accruing than it is to try and fix what might happen.  If you are new to at home skin care we would more than happy to set you up with an easy three-step cleanser, toner and moisturizer so you aren’t feeling overwhelmed.

Next time you visit your skincare specialist make sure to ask for a skincare analysis so you both can find the perfect routine for you specifically. Do not just rely on beauty gurus online or your neighbor down the street. Just because a certain routine works for someone else doesn’t mean that it will be right for what your skin needs.